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About Us

In 2010 a group of professionals with a solid background in international business consulting decided to share in the experience accumulated over the years to create a new project: supporting clients operating internationally in a proactive way.

Goldberg Securitization is thus established with the opening of offices in Luxembourg.

At present, the Goldberg Securitization, consisting of more than 10 staff members and twenty partners, is operating in Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ireland and Far East.

The core-activity of Goldberg Securitization is securitization of equity asset. Our clients comprise small and medium-sized enterprises with inclination, potential and flexibility for a successful international expansion into overseas markets.

The Philosophy

Goldberg Securitization is a Securitiization Company acting as a problem solver in partnership with its clients with regard to all matters concerning the creation of ABS Bond.

In this way, clients can focus their resources on their core activities and outsource to Goldberg Securitization all legal, tax, administrative and management control aspects of the business.

The Strategy

The experience accumulated over the years by Goldberg Securitization shows that in order to keep pace with the rapid economic and legal developments on the international markets, it is necessary to adopt the most dynamic approach in order to provide clients with timely solutions.

Our systematic and analytical approach is focused on the targets and our budget is to offer our clients tangible benefits guaranteeing a greater operational efficiency: we are aware that a issuance of a bond is only effective when clients do experience tangible results.

Goldberg Securitization applies this work philosophy on a daily basis in order to build its added value.


The key advantage of Goldberg Securitization is the sharing of know-how and acting as point of reference for both retail and corporate clients requiring a constructive and international approach.

All our consultants have a sound knowledge of key issues and have developed specialized expertise in a wide range of business sectors by geographical area and/or operating segment.

Skills updating is a permanent feature of our business since Goldberg Securitization invests in training in order to promote a constructive exchange of experiences and knowledge within the Group.

What We Do

Securitisation can be defined as any financing process by which an entity (originator) transfers one or more assets or risks to a dedicated vehicle (Securitisation vehicle) in exchange for cash, as the securitisation vehicle is financed by the issuance of securities backed by the assets (collateral) transferred and the income generated by those assets.

Securitisation involves both a process of integration and differentiation.

  • Integration: homogeneous, cash flow producing but illiquid assets are pooled together into an investment vehicle (i.e. securitisation). 
  • Differentiation: the cash flows generated by the pool of assets are redirected to support payments to instruments issued by the securitisation vehicle to the capital markets. 

The instruments issued by the securitisation vehicle do not all need to show the same characteristics. By allocating to each instrument (or tranche) a different priority of payment of interest and principle as well as a different rate of return, each instrument (or tranche) will satisfy the risk­returnmaturity characteristics of a different investor. 

Even after the recent financial crisis, skilled securitisation is here to stay as only securitisation allows to satisfy the needs of a growing class of sophisticated investors.

From a Luxembourg point of view, the Law on securitisation dated March 22nd 2004 created a specific legal and tax framework for securitisation vehicles. However, even before the law was enacted, Luxembourg companies were engaged in securitisation activities based notably on the law on transfer of claims and assets to a financial institution  or the law on mortgage banks.

The new Luxembourg law has been designed while relying on local and international expertise in securitisation. The main aspects of the law can be summarized as follows:

  • flexibility;
  • investor protection;
  • tax neutrality.

Consequently, this new law provides a response to the market’s needs and has begun to feature prominently in the European securitisation market.  

Goldberg Securitization provides a range of services for clients, including administration, tax advice and security issuance. To request a brochure and the list of our ABS bonds currently subscribable, click on the button “more information”.

Please find more information about Securitisation services on BCL website.



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